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Search Legacy Data :- One has to adduce the proof of residence in Assam of himself/herself or his/her ancestors prior to midnight of 24th March 1971 for inclusion in NRC. In Simple words, Legacy Data is the proof of document to be a citizen of India. Using legacy data, the people of Assam or residing outside of Assam can prove that they are legal citizens of India and can apply for inclusion of their name in the NRC. Read the full article to know How to Search Legacy Data – 

Search Legacy Data

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What Is Legacy Data?

The NRC Assam Legacy Data is the documents namely 1951 NRC (National Register of Citizens) and Electoral Rolls up to midnight of 24th March 1971. The documents are collectively called as the Legacy Data. Using legacy data, the people of Assam or residing outside of Assam can prove that they are legal citizens of India and can apply for inclusion of their name in the NRC.

1] The copies of NRC, 1951 and the copies of Electoral Rolls up to 1971 referred to as Legacy Data are available for inspection at NRC Seva Kendras (NSK) and at notified Polling Stations

2] Quoting names of self or parents or ancestors appearing in any of the documents will be important to support the claim for inclusion in updated NRC

3] Applicants will have to look for their own/parents’/ancestor’s names in the documents published at the designated NSK and Polling Station.

4] Names of only those persons would ordinarily be available in the Legacy Data who would have been 21 years of age in 1971.

5] On finding such records in the published copies, applicants would be required to record the unique combination of their entry as appearing in the stated documents by noting down the Image ID/Sl No of the House No or Serial No within household and the name of the person as recorded in the document.

6] After recording such particulars the citizens can approach the officials at the NSK, who on receiving the recorded particulars would provide Legacy Data slip to the citizens containing a unique Code known as Legacy Data Code. This exercise shall be crucial as the citizens would be required to furnish the unique Legacy Data Code in the Application Form to support the claim of inclusion in updated NRC.

How to Search Legacy Data –

Nearest Seva Kendras

Each of your own/nearest NRC Seva Kendras will have the computerized or hard copies of Legacy data. These copies have the village database of legacy data falling under the respective Kendra. One can check the legacy data of any village in through the manual search or computerized search


The Legacy Data is also available on NRC official website, and

1. Village Image Search:

i] Visit here

ii] Click on Village Image Search on Navigation above.

iii] Select your district

vi] Then Select your village.

v] Click on View image.

vi] That’s it, you will see the name list of the village.

2. Search by Village List:

You can also check Legacy data of 1971 & 1951 by village list search.

i] Visit the official website again.

ii] Enter navigate to the village list.

iii] Now Select district from the left panel.

iv] Select your village from the village list.

v] You can also use the search bar on above to search village list from a respective district.

vi] Then click on view select village data button on the bottom.

Part Draft NRC Assam 2018

3. Village ID Search:

After finding out your village list, you can save your village id for future references to find out legacy data quickly. The procedure to search legacy data by village id is same, but here simply choose the village id option, and enter your village id of legacy data then click on view.

Still not clear?

If You have any doubts about how to correct legacy name, What Happens if legacy data not found, How to link legacy data by married women, etc then read official F.A.Q. here.

4. Nearest NRC Seva Kendras:

If you are not a techy person, or somehow couldn’t find your legacy data in Assam NRC, you can also check your nearest NRC Seva Kendra, or campaigns where you have submitted for NRC application form.


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